Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm back, baby! Please insert liquor!

One of my favourite lines from "Futurama" - undoubtedly the best ever sci-fi themed comedy animated series created by Matt Groening. Gotta love the fact that it's on 5 nights a week here in Oz, even if they're most repeats. Looking forward to the new episodes being produced, let's hope for more down the track (hey, if "Family Guy" can do, why not Fry, Bender and Co.?)

Seemed a fitting line to use for my first post in months - life got in the way. Since last time I posted, I've moved house, changed jobs and generally been flat out just trying to keep up with everything. One thing I've learned from the experience - life without a 'net connection is definitely NOT fun. Glad that's over. Yay broadband!!!

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