Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yowza! My head is going to explode!

My Big Brother & family recently moved interstate to my neck of the woods and are currently looking for a new house 'round here. Big deal, right? Not for us.

Went looking at houses over the weekend just gone with BB & co., just for provide an extra opinion & support. NOT looking ourselves. At all. Wasn't even thinking about it.

So imagine my surprise when earlier today Better Half & I signed a contract to purchase a new home for our family! We found our ideal new home over the weekend, organised a home loan & are now putting our existing home on the market. In fact, we've got our first potential buyer wanting to inspect our place already & we only put our home on the market this afternoon!

So between organising the CSTS screening & cleaning the house prior to inspection, no more sleep for me in the next week or so. Not exactly the way I planned to spend my holidays!

As for BB & family... they're still looking!

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