Friday, April 21, 2006

Attention all Melbourne Browncoats!

In honour of our deity on "earth that was" Joss Whedon's birthday & the first anniversary of the final pre-screening of Serenity, a worldwide event is being planned to put on charity screenings of the Big Damn Movie on 23 June 2006 across the globe. Info about this project can be found at Can'

Why do I bring this up, you ask? Well, up until now, I've generally kept my Browncoat in the closet but now it's time to come out... so to speak. Despite previous (tongue in cheek) postings, I love the Firefly / Serenity universe & would very much like to see new content in the future in any medium. To that end, it's time to do my part in helping the cause by putting my hand up to get involved.

How will I do this? Well, thought I'd start with something simple... organise a charity screening of Serenity for June 23 here in Melbourne, Australia. I intend posting updates here on the blog & on the SOz forum. The idea is that we'll see Serenity on a big screen again, have some fun games / raffles /etc & raise money for a worthy cause (TBA). Any help would be appreciated (email me if you want to join the crew!) but I'm saying this here & now...

June 23, I aim to misbehave!!!

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