Monday, April 10, 2006

I hate Firefly & Serenity!

Damn you Joss Whedon! Damn you Fox! DAMN YOU TO HADES FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!

Heresy I hear you say. How could you say that? I hear you scream. Well, there's reason to my rant. Firefly & Serenity have ruined all sci-fi, drama, comedy... well, just about all TV & movies for me. How so? It's just too damn good!

Ever since I first saw Firefly, my life has not been the same. Never before did I ever look forward to a movie like I did for Serenity. Never have I been so saddened by the cancellation of a mere TV show (which happened before I even got to see a single episode!) Never before have I used chinese to insult & abuse those around me (and get away with it!) Never before have I ever wanted to wear brown.

Watching Firefly & Serenity has sucked the enjoyment of watching just about any show or reading any book since. I find myself comparing everything to Firefly, yet nothing else comes close. As a sci-fi fan, I used to be able to sit back & enjoy shows like Babylon 5, Farscape & all the Treks. Nowdays, when I watch, all I see are people with latex foreheads. ARRRGGHHH!

Why oh why did Fox have to kill off this show?

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